Sunburns are a common occurrence on orchid leaves if they spend too much time in direct hot sun. A sunburn can be cause even by a short time spent in the sun if the orchid is not adjusted to the sun, or is prone to get burned. Phalaenopsis orchids get burned easily, while Vandas and Cattleyas can tolerate direct sun better. Here are some way to prevent damaging an orchid’s foliage.

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  • Dana 1 year ago

    Your videos are so helpful!
    I’m very new to orchids. I have one black spot on each of two orchids, both about the size of a golf ball and I just noticed them yesterday. I can’t say at this point if the spots are spreading but I suspect black spot since I look at them pretty frequently and they seem to have just popped up. They ate black on the underside of the leaves as well, and the leaves are softer and thinner there. My only other guess is sunburn from a morning I accidentally left them on my patio, but I’m not seeing yellow, just black. One of them has only two leaves and I am not sure if I should remove one unless I know what I’m dealing with. I have watched your video on treating black spot. What do you suggest I do in response to these spots?

  • Dana 1 year ago

    It’s a phal.

  • I have a vanda and the leaves are folded. What can I do and what does this mean?
    Thanks Joan