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2. Just Add Ice shows me a tutorial on watering and we understand from this that we need to place ice on the crowns of Phalaenopsis orchids, see here

The Orchid societies warn that water left standing in the crown can cause rotting of the tissue, damaging the plant to a massive extent. Learn more about it here

Another Orchid Society warns about the same thing

Us collectors have experienced this crown rot, here is what we went through:

Why would Just Add Ice advise me to perform such a dangerous technique without warning me about this possibility?

3. Just Add Ice says that Phalaenopsis orchids go through dormancy, this is shown by the limpy leaves, loss of color and luster, see it here
After this it will somehow return to normal and bloom.

The American Orchid Society describes loss of leaf perkiness and leathery appearance as dehydration, check it out here
Also on dehydration they say this

Collectors here on youtube seem to agree with the orchid societies
It would appear the cause of dehydration is a loss of root system more often than not.

About the dormancy, the AOS never said anything about it in its basic care guide
More over they say these orchids have no dormancy

4. Just Add Ice orchids never mentions cold damage on orchids.

An orchid society claims that Phalaenopsis don’t encounter ice in their habitat
The AOS talks about cold damage
Here is cold damage on leaves

Collectors seem to have had cold damage happen to their orchids

The Oregon Orchid Society advises me to NOT use ice at all

Overall, Just Add Ice, why do these people show me all these horrible things that can happen due to your advice? Do your orchids grow with ice in your greenhouse?

With respect, your customer who gave you money and loves your orchid.

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  • RDALE 2 years ago

    I’m glad you made this video . I myself purchased my first phalaenopsis orchid with this claim just add ice I almost killed it. Than I watched a video from Brad ‘ s Greenhouse and your’s on phalaenopsis orchids and I was able to save it thanks Danni