Here is how to use cinnamon with orchids to treat and prevent fungal infections.
– For crown rot, sprinkling cinnamon in the crown, after a hydrogen peroxide treatment, will keep the area dry and protect against pathogens. Powder cinnamon on cuts heals them fast and prevets reinfection

– To make a spray, you can add 2 tablespoons of powder cinnamon to boiling water, let it sit for a few days, strain the liquid so you don’t clog the spray bottle and spray the affected orchids

– The same recipe can be used with alcohol (rubbing alcohol preferably). No need for boiling, let it sit overnight, strain the powder and use the liquid on the affected orchid.

– I used cinnamon oil in a proportion of 1% cinnamon oil and 99% water. I used 250 ml of water and 2.5 ml of cinnamon oil and sprayed right away, shaking the spray bottle form time to time.

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