Today we talk a bit about fertilizers, specifically the.. probably.. latest trend of DIY ferts and also the urea based ones.
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Before we even start to talk about fertilizers and why we need them, we need to go back to the most basic biology knowledge, plant nutrition

Now that we established how each chemical contributes to plant development, let’s take a look at some DIY alternatives. There might be many, but I often hear about rice water and egg shells. White these can yield some minerals, I’m afraid I don’t find any evidence they offer a complete ‘menu’. I suspect they don’t.. at least Cobalt, Molybdenum.. maybe Iron is a far stretch from rice. Oh, then there is the problem of biodegradable accumulations, that needs fixing as well!

The idea is not out of this world and I think it can be obtained, but I would like it to be documented and proper. I am afraid though the processes would imply a lot of expenses and time, so I am not sure we will all be rushing to achieve the goal.

About urea fertilizers, we have all run from them in the past, chosing Nitrate based ferts. But was this necessary? some knowledgeble people say urea is actually good Myth or wishful thinking? maybe we should do an experiment and find out 😀
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