Today we take a look at a first time bloomer in my collection, the stunning glauca!
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Rhyncholaelia glauca is an orchid species native to Mexico, which is a member of the Cattleya familly. More info here

There are 2 members within this genus so far, as per the AOS but both are staples for any serious orchid collection!

This orchid produces a large, green butter coloured flower, with thin sepals and petals and a broad lip. If the flower is unimpressive, the fragrance will kick you out of the house!

It smells similar to Brassavolas, but better! An elegant, super intense fragrance will fill any room at night! It really is one of the best fragrances I have in my collection.

Care wise it takes basic Cattleya care

It enjoys more light though and can stand hours of sun, as long as it doesn’t overheat the leaves. It also loves quite a bit of water too, semi hydro works well for it in my warm climate.
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