Today’s question is:how come commercial growers manage to grow orchids packed in sphagnum moss?

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  • Profile photo of KMahan

    If I purchased seedlings that are relatively small that were in bark should they be transferred back to moss?

  • Profile photo of Greg

    Where is the best place to buy the bark chips and spaghnum moss online?

  • Profile photo of MENUNELL

    I want to put 3 orchids on a log to grow is this possible most off my orchids were sick when I got them. But I have brought life back in them
    I Have moss ,bark chip ,0food for them and I am wanting to put the log in a empty fish tank is this
    A good idea ?

  • Profile photo of Kat

    I’ve always used moss and my 12 year old orchid was very happy just up until late last year, I neglected it a bit while finishing nursing school so I’m in the process of fixing it.