My Pleione orchids are finally in bloom, it didn;t take that long since I got them a month and a half ago, still dormant. No fragrance at all, but the flowers are quite impressive. The parents of this orchid are Pleione Tongariro and Pleione bulbocodioides.

Link to the vendor on Ebay

Link to Gardening at Douentza

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  • Jeffrey @ Vancouver, BC 2 years ago

    After watching your first video on these Pleione Berapi Purple Sandpiper, I ordered those bulbs from the ebay seller. I plant them on Jan 5, first flower spike on Jan 12. Then 3 flowers are in bloom next two days.
    Update on the those early blooms, they started to wither on Jan 27. Total days in blooms = 13 days of beauty during a warm spring in Vancouver, BC.