This is Phalaenopsis tetraspis variety C1, the orchid that can always have different looking flowers. The white and red petals can be arranged in an infinite display, from spots to full colored petals, to completely white flowers or completely red petals, it will always be a surprise. This orchid s considered to be a species, although the C1 variety has a mysterious history. The flowers are small and are mildly fragrant, smelling a bit raw and reminding me of mango fruit. It blooms in spring and summer usually and is a sequential bloomer, so don;t cut the flower spikes if the orchid is healthy and the spikes are green and alive. Enjoy!

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  • orchidnovice 2 years ago

    Hi Danny. My phals are all spiking. They are kept in full sun in my west facing window. But everything I read or watch says high light but no direct sunlight. Also, I let them completely dry out before watering again. Everything says they should’ve died by now but they are thriving. Can you tell me or anyone else reading this, if I need to alter the way I care for them. They have red tenting on all the leaves that I think is pretty but again, is this a sign that I’m doing things wrong?
    Thanks for your time,