Phalaenopsis Sogo Lovely is a cross between Phal. Timothy Christopher and Golden Peoker. It’s not fussy at all and is one of my best bloomers 🙂 flowers are not fragrant but they do look very cute and have a waxy texture.

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  • Libby 8 months ago

    I thank you so much for my love of orchids. I’m 63 years old have always loved the garden but now I have a new love thanks to you and my daughter in law that gave me my first solenopsis purple flowered Orchid last Mother’s Day. I’m finding it very challenging growing orchids outside in a little porch that faces East I have no East West windows. This little porch has a roof so I am able to grow my orchids there in clay pots with bark and cold medium. I have also watched on YouTube water culture and I now have 5 orchids in water on my north-facing kitchen window. I was blessed that a friend gave me 9 different orchids only one in bloom they belong to his ex-wife and they were all dying. There are still two of them then I don’t know what they are. But you have them because I see them behind some of your tutorials I am so looking forward to my relationship with you and your orchids in the future. If you have any advice please do send it. God bless you, Libby

  • Libby 8 months ago

    I do live in Tampa Florida so I’m semi-tropical it gets very hot out here. And I am about to buy my first Vanda. I do believe then I have the perfect spot for vanda’s and I’m looking forward to having a few of them but my pocket doesn’t let me buy any right now 🙂