Today we take a look at some orchids we did not see in a pretty long time. Here we go!
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1. Phalaenopsis bellina is one of my favorites, that’s for sure! She sadly suffered a bad spider mite infestation, which left the Orchid Fleck Virus behind. More information here

The troubles are not over yet, but it will eventually go away in time.

2. Sedirea japonica is looking a lot better, but last year it looked very pitted and in bad shape. So I have faith 🙂

3. Phalaenopsis Tyin Shin Fly Eagle is looking so great! she grew a new leaf and now a brand new spike, which I am not sure when it will bloom 😛

4. Renanthera philippinensis is looking good too, but she had a hidden sider mite infestation on the tiny dried sheaths on her stem. I used this mixture

5. Trichoglottis philippinensis is doing pretty good too, she definitely gets hydration since sap is exuded, but not a whole lot of roots. I might rethink her setup and adjust it to a more Vanda like setup.

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