Today we have a discussion regarding what I like to call the Orchid Lottery of outcomes.
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Like with anything, orchid growing developed some rules of good practice. The ones which stand out are of course the warnings and possible bad outcomes, as they are most important.

Avoiding crown rot by not letting water accumulate in crowns, avoiding root problems by not using ice, avoiding setting back or endangering the orchid by repotting at more appropriate times and so on, these are all good practice guidelines. They don’t need to be followed if one is willing to take the risk, or even lower his or her chances of winning the lottery and to some extent we all risk it, but we try and calculate it first and have a plan B.

What baffles me sometimes is the willingness of people to just not agree to something because want to be contrarians, without real research or arguments. But that is not the point of care sheets, articles or videos. The questions is: Do you want to play the orchid lottery?

Here are some sensible good practce guides I made for those who don;t want to win.. and lose money 🙂

Top 10 Donts
How to fix orchids
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