Today we take a look at the orchids we had in bloom for the first month of summer!
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In order of appearance, the orchids are:
1. Vanda Pachara Pink, an easy and floriferous Vanda hybrid that is suited for anyone with a bit of general Vanda care knowledge

2. Bc. Saint Andre, a wonderful orchid that was very anticipated and I am thrilled to grow it into a specimen!

3. Miltoniopsis Newton Falls, a great hybrid that appears to be less fussy.. maybe 😛

4. Lycaste aromatica, a popular species that smells like cinnamon!

5. Dendrobium biggibum compactum hybrid, what a wonderful multifloral little plant!

6. Oncidium Painter Delight, with waxy flowers and propolis fragrance 😛

7. Phalaenopsis Sun Pasat, a complex hybrid with quite a nice fragrance

8. A pretty pink NoID Phal hybrid, pretty common but quite attractive

9. NoID white Phal with a pink lip, flowering after finishing with 3 spikes, she is a trooper!

10. Dendrobium parishii, a cute compact Dendrobium species that blooms in spring.. theoretically and has a great refreshing fragrance

11. Phal. cornu-cervi var. chattaladae, a great summer blooming species with tiny, dark red flowers!

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