Today we are answering a few more questions sent in by you guys in the comment section of my videos!
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I think many of you are wondering if I will ever return to organic media. Well, highly unlikely, but you will see sphagnum moss with the orchids I plan to give away 🙂

Do orchids like music? I don’t think so 😛 but I am sure you will always find people who do, so you can play music to your plants as much as you like. You’ll probably not find music played in commercial nurseries though 😉

Do I have any issues with fungus gnats or any other pests for that reason? nope, clay medium is actually great at not promoting insects or pests inside the pots. Not even in the pots with the peat experiment.

About using urea fertilizers, I am not interested in that experiment at the moment. I tend to get influenced and.. well motivated by problems more than good things.. My orchids are good 😛 I want to work on the ‘appeal’ of my growing space more now and leave the orchids alone for a while. Michael is testing it though
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