Vanda Nitaya Magic Lemon

Vanda Nitaya Magic Lemon 4 Orchid Nature

The Vanda Nitaya Magic Lemon is a monopodial epiphyte orchid hybrid. This is a commercial name given to this hybrid, the parentage remains unknown until registration. This is not a registered hybrid, but it’s widely available in Europe, as it appears to be created by commercial nurseries in the Netherlands.


Blooms are about 9-10 cm in diameter and present slight veining and a few darker spots. The color of this orchid is a lemon yellow, thus the name Magic Lemon. When it opens, the flower appears to be slightly pale green, but catches a golden hue as it matures. The lip is slightly darker in color and more towards the green.

Vanda Nitaya Magic Lemon 3 Orchid Nature

Flowers are displayed on a flower spike of about 25-30 cm in length, while each spike can produce up to 10 flowers. The peduncle measures about 5 cm in length and presents ridges that seem to twist and arrange the flower in the proper position. The blooms last for 6 to 8 weeks, depending on temperature. This orchid is not a sequential bloomer, once the flower fall the spike will not produce more blooms. The flowers are not fragrant.

This orchid is not a prolific bloomer, unlike the Pachara hybrids, it can bloom 1 to maybe 2 times per year. In a temperate climate with a distinct winter it appears that it predominantly blooms once per year. Flowering sized orchids are about 30 cm tall.

Vanda Nitaya Magic Lemon 1 Orchid Nature

The flower spike emerges from between the leaves, towards the top of the orchid, 3-4 side leaves down. It takes about 6 weeks for a flower spike to grow and open the flowers and usually, this orchid produces 1 flower spike at a time and rarely 2 at the same time.  After blooms drop, the spike can be cut close to the stem, as it will not rebloom, or produce other plantlets.


The Vanda Nitaya Magic Lemon is a monopodial orchid that can become very tall throughout the years, but its growth rhythm is slow. It produces about 3 or 4 new leaves within a year. Leaves are a medium green and the fan measures about 30 cm in length. New leaves sprout from the top of the orchid, but plantlets can appear at the base of the orchid.

Roots can grow very long and while they are in active growth, green root tips are visible. When roots are wet they can have a green color, while when they are dry they are usually silvery grey. In very bright light the root tips can present a pink-red color.

Vanda Nitaya Magic Lemon 5 Orchid Nature

It is usually grown bare root in hanging baskets and generally does very well in this set up. If pots are to be used, clay pots and a very coarse, well-draining media is preferred. The orchid gets very top heavy, so stabilization is needed.

Soft spots: stem and crown rot, root rot if the roots are not very well ventilated

Vanda Nitaya Magic Lemon 6 Orchid Nature

Overall it is a hardy orchid that doesn’t fuss if its environment is less than ideal. Humidity is not an issue if the orchid is properly watered. It does like very bright light and direct sun, as long as the leaves are not permitted to overheat. If location is not a problem, it can be grown in a normal home with ease.

Vanda Nitaya Magic Lemon Basic Care:

Light: Bright to very bright

Temperature: Warm

Humidity: Tolerant to low humidity, over 40% ideal

Water: Let the media (or roots) dry between waterings

Growth cycle: not deciduous, does not require a winter rest, does shed bottom leaves as it ages, can bloom all year round

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