Oncidopsis (Miltonidium) Bartley Schwarz

Oncidopsis Bartley Schwarz 1

The Oncidopsis Bartley Schwarz is a sympodial epiphyte orchid hybrid. It was registered in 1986 and created by Beall as a cross between Oncidopsis Red Pali and Oncidium Honolulu. This very easy to care for orchid is a wonderful addition to orchid beginners who want to try the wonderful Oncidium family, as it is one of the most floriferous and forgiving hybrids. Although it can still be found as Miltonidium, the recent reclassification placed this orchid in the Oncidopsis hybrids family.


Being that this is an intergeneric hybrid between Oncidium and Miltoniopsis genuses, the flower takes a bit from both species. The size of the flower reminds of Oncidium orchids, while the shape resembles Miltoniopsis orchids. The blooms are about 4 cm tall and 3 cm wide. Petals have a dark red color, while the lip is wider and has a nice contrasting white color towards the bottom. The petals have the tendency to curve backwards, but it is not unpleasant. The center of the orchid has a yellow formation that binds all the colors together.

Oncidopsis Bartley Schwarz 5

The blooms are displayed on a thin flower spike which doesn’t usually grow tall and each spike can hold 5-8 flowers. The flowers are also moderately fragrant and the smell can only be described as sweet, candy like and a bit artificial at the same time. It is not overwhelming and it is quite pleasant. This orchid releases fragrance during the day time and is not fragrant at night.

There is also a variety that displays whiter coloration on the lip and petals and also a slightly more vivid red coloration. Blooms seem to be a bit larger and wider as well, the fragrance seems pretty much identical though.

Oncidopsis Bartley Schwarz 7

The flowers last about 4 to 6 weeks, depending on environment. After the blooms fall, usually the orchid starts to produce new pseudobulbs. The spikes can be cut near the base after the blooms drop, as they will not rebloom, or produce plantlets.

This orchid can bloom multiple times in one year. Usually, with every maturing pseudobulb a flower spike can be produced. In some cases the orchid can produce 2 flower spikes emerging from each side of the pseudobulb.

Oncidopsis Bartley Schwarz 4


The pseudobulbs are about 7-12 cm in height and about 4-5 cm in width, with an oval to round shape. The normal color for this orchid is light green, while the pseudobulbs and the leaves are not glossy.  The leaves are long and slender, measuring about 30 cm in length and about 2-3 cm in width. The leaves are prone to obtain a mangled shape if the orchid is kept too dry and in too low humidity, but it is not as dramatic as other hybrids.

Oncidopsis Bartley Schwarz 3

The roots are thin and healthy roots are white, but as they age, they can turn green when wet. When in active growth they have bright green tips. New growths usually appear from between the last exterior leaves and take between 6 to 9 months to fully mature.

Propagation of this orchid can be done through division, each division should have at least 3 fully grown pseudobulbs for a fast growth further on.

Soft spots: sunburns if kept in direct hot sun, shriveled pseudobulbs if kept too dry

Oncidopsis Bartley Schwarz 6

Overall the Oncidopsis Bartley Schwarz is a very easy orchid to grow. It seems to be one of the easiest Oncidium x Miltoniopsis hybrids. Blooms easily and doesn’t need too much bright light or air humidity.

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