Oncidium Katrin Zoch

Oncidium Katrin Zoch 2 Orchid Nature

Oncidium Katrin Zoch is a sympodial epiphyte orchid hybrid. It was registered in 2011 and created by M. Holm as a cross between Oncidium schroederianum and Oncidium sotoanum, making it a primary hybrid. This orchid can still be found under the name Oncidium Sharry Baby Yellow Flash, but that is just a commercial name and has nothing to do with the famous Sharry Baby hybrids.


The blooms are about 3 cm in height and 2 cm across, following a typical Oncidium shape and placement. The sepals are dark purple, thin and elongated. The lip is wider and bigger in size and usually presents light pink or white patterns on a purple background. In the middle there is a yellow formation that stands out from the rest of the colors.

The blooms are displayed on a thin flower spike that can reach 25-30 cm in height. Each spike can hold anywhere between 15 and 20 flowers. This orchid doesn’t seem to branch as much as other hybrids. However, this hybrid is a very floriferous one, each new pseudobulb can produce between 2-4 spikes.

Oncidium Katrin Zoch 3 Orchid Nature

This is a fragrant orchid and the smell can be described as a sweet syrup. It doesn’t necessarily remind of vanilla or chocolate, but for any sweet fragrance loving orchid enthusiast, this is truly a great scent. The fragrance is not over powering, but rather medium strong. The fragrance is stronger in bright light in the morning hours, fades towards afternoon and is completely gone in the night time.

Individual flowers are not very long lived, each flower can last for 2 to 3 weeks. But because they do not all open at the same time, the sheer numbers can make the total bloom time of this orchid last even 1.5 months. This orchid is free flowering, usually each new pseudobulb that matures can potentially bloom. The orchid produces usually 3 to 4 flower spikes per pseudobulb, that emerge usually from between the pseudobulb and the first sets of leaves.


The pseudobulbs are about 5-6 cm in height and about 3-4 cm in width, with an oval shape. The normal color for this orchid is medium green. The leaves are long and slender, measuring about 20 cm in length and about 2-3 cm in width

Oncidium Katrin Zoch 4 Orchid Nature

The roots are thin and healthy roots are white, but as they age, they can turn green when wet. When in active growth they have bright green tips. New growths usually appear from between the last exterior leaves and take between 6 to 9 months to fully mature.

Propagation of this orchid can be done through division, each division should have at least 3 fully grown pseudobulbs for a fast growth further on.

Soft spots: shriveled pseudobulbs if kept too dry

Oncidium Katrin Zoch 1 Orchid Nature

Overall the Oncidium Katrin Zoch is an easy orchid to grow. It is much more forgiving than other hybrids and quite easy to grow in a normal home, as long as the watering schedule is kept in check.

Oncidium Katrin Zoch Basic care:

Light: Intermediate to bright

Temperature: Intermediate to warm

Humidity: Tolerant to low humidity, over 40% ideal

Water: Water as the media approaches dryness

Growth cycle: not deciduous, does not require a winter rest, does not regularly shed leaves, can bloom all year round

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