Cycnodes Wine Delight

Cycnodes Wine Delight 1 Orchid Nature

The Cycnodes Wine Delight is a sympodial epiphyte orchid hybrid. It was registered in 1980 by R.Coffman and created by F.J.Fuchs Jr., as a cross between Cycnoches lehmannii and Mormodes sinuate, making this a primary hybrid. It is one of the easiest Catasetum type orchids to grow and owns a FCC/AOS for the ‘J.E.M.’ variety.


Blooms are a deep dark red color, giving this orchid its grex name. The petals are curved towards the front of the flower and the lip is glossy and more vivid in color. The flower itself is waxy and strong.

Cycnodes Wine Delight 2 Orchid Nature

The flowers produce an elongated column and, if the triggers at its base are triggered by insects or human handling, the pollen can be ejected automatically, sticking to the back of insects or to other surfaces. This behavior is typical for Catasetum type orchids.

Flowers can reach 5-6 cm in width and are displayed on a long flower spike, reaching 25-30 cm in length. They usually last for about 2 to 3 weeks, after which they start to fade one by one.

The blooms are very fragrant, the intensity of the scent can become overwhelming if kept in a small room.  The fragrance is sharp, clean and slightly minty, reminding of medicine. Some people suggest it can remind of cherries, but overall the fragrance can be quite pleasant. The scent is more noticeable in the morning hours, while in the afternoon it completely fades away.

Cycnodes Wine Delight 3 Orchid Nature

The spikes emerge from between the leaves, where the leaf meats the pseudobulb and take about 4-6 weeks to grow and bloom. Each flowering can bring between 1-3 flower spikes per season and each spike can hold up to 15 flowers.

The Cycnodes Wine Delight has a specific growth cycle and bloom season. This orchid usually blooms at the end of summer, fall or early winter, before going into its dormant period and losing its leaves.

Cycnodes Wine Delight 4 Orchid Nature


The pseudobulbs are 3 to 5 cm across with an elongated shape and pseudobulbs can be 20 cm tall or more. The normal color for this orchid is medium to light green. They have a very fast growth rhythm during the growing season, requiring frequent watering and fertilizing.

The leaves are about 20 cm long and about 3-4 cm wide, are thin and fragile if handled improperly. They form sequentially while the pseudobulb is growing, unfolding from the top and arranging themselves on each side of the pseudobulb as it matures.

Cycnodes Wine Delight 6 Orchid Nature

The roots are thick and healthy roots are white. When in active growth they have bright green – yellow tips. New growths usually appear from the base of mature pseudobulbs and take about 4-6 months to mature.

Propagation of this orchid can be done through division, each division can have one single pseudobulb or more.

Soft spots: pseudobulb rot if water is allowed to be trapped in leaf joints, rotten new growth if water is trapped inside the unfolding new leaves.

Cycnodes Wine Delight 5 Orchid Nature

Overall the Cycnodes Wine Delight is an easy orchid to grow, as long as bright light is provided and media is kept constantly moist.

Cycnodes Wine Delight Basic care:

Light: Bright to very bright

Temperature: Warm

Humidity: Tolerant to low humidity, over 40% ideal

Water: Media should be constantly moist in the growing period and dry in the rest period

Growth cycle: deciduous, does require a winter rest, does regularly shed leaves, blooms at the end of the growth cycle, is dormant usually in winter time.

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