Cattleya Hawaiian Splash ‘Lea’

Slc Hawaiian Splash Lea 3 Orchid Nature

The Cattleya Hawaiian Splash is a sympodial epiphyte orchid hybrid. It was registered in 2000 and created by Y.Toyama, Orchid Center, as a cross between Cattleya Psyche (1902) and Cattleya Mishima Star. This is a miniature Cattleya orchid, with small flowers and pseudobulbs. The colors make up for its stature, as the name suggests, it looks very exotic. The pictures presented in this article belong to the ‘Lea’ variety.


Blooms are small, measuring about 4 cm across. However this orchid is a cluster bloomer, this means it can produce up to 5 or 6 flowers per inflorescence.

The base color is electric magenta and the petals and lip have a splash of yellow and red. The sepals are narrow and elongated, while the petals are broader. The lip is quite small and thin and the flowers have a compact look.

Slc Hawaiian Splash Lea 2 Orchid Nature

The blooms have no fragrance, but this orchid can bloom at any time of the year from the newly produced pseudobulbs. It appears that in lower temperatures this orchid has a brighter and more desirable coloration, while in the warmer seasons the colors are more washed and the splash on the petals is not as yellow.


This orchid produces pseudobulbs, also known as canes, that are no more than half a centimeter in thickness. They remain short, about 10 cm in height and hold one single leaf which makes this a unifoliate Cattleya.

The leaves are usually taller than the canes, measuring between 10 and 15 cm and are about 3 cm in width. Unlike many Cattleya hybrids, the Hawaiian Splash doesn’t need as much direct sun to thrive and bloom well. The leaves and pseudobulbs can burn easy and, if they don’t reach the point of burning, they will obtain a red pigmentation that can look unsightly.

The roots are thin and healthy roots are white, but as they age they can turn green when wet. When in active growth they have bright green tips. New growths usually appear at the base of the cane that just finished flowering and take about 6 months to mature. This orchid usually does not produce a sheath from which the spike emerges, the buds emerge as the leaf opens.

Propagation of this orchid can be done through division, each division should have at least 3 fully grown pseudobulbs for a fast growth further on.

Soft spots: rotting of the new growth if water gets trapped within the sheaths, sunburn or excessive red pigmentation

Slc Hawaiian Splash Lea 1 Orchid Nature

Overall the Cattleya Hawaiian Splash is an easy orchid to grow.

Cattleya Hawaiian Splash ‘Lea’ Basic care:

Light: Intermediate to bright

Temperature: Intermediate to warm

Humidity: Tolerant to low humidity, over 40% ideal

Water: Let the media dry between waterings

Growth cycle: not deciduous, does not require a winter rest, does not regularly shed leaves, can bloom all year round

Care sheet

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