Brassavola Little Stars

Brassavola Little Stars 1 Orchid Nature

Brassavola Little Stars is a sympodial epiphyte orchid hybrid. It was registered in 1983 and created by Stewart Inc. as a cross between Brassavola nodosa and Brassavola subulifolia. The Brassavola orchids are famous for their delightful fragrance released during night time and the Little Stars hybrid is a popular cross due to its ease of care and wonderful traits kept from its parents.


The blooms have a light green coloration overall, with sepals and petals having a deeper light green color and the lip being mostly white. Though small, they are a wonderful sight to look at due to their purity and delicate appearance. Brassavola orchids in general do not poses much color variation, as they are meant to stand out in the night time and what better way to do so than to have a pale, almost white flower.

Brassavola Little Stars 2 Orchid Nature

This orchid is a very fragrant one, releasing a wonderful fresh, quite soapy perfume only in the night hours. Come day time this orchid loses all its fragrance. The scent is quite powerful as well, easily filling up a growing room. The Little Stars hybrid seems to have a softer more powdery scent than other Brassavolas.

Flowers are about 4-5 cm in diameter, having narrow petals and sepals and a broader lip. The petals seem to curve slightly, or even twist, giving it an even wilder appearance. Despite this, the blooms are quite elegant and pure looking.

Brassavola Little Stars 4 Orchid Nature

The blooms can last about 4 weeks or a bit more, depending on environment. This orchid usually blooms in the warmer months, or throughout the year in warm climates. The blooms are arranged on a flower spike that emerges from on top of the cane and each spike can hold 3-5 flowers and can be up to 20 cm in lenght. After the blooms fall the spike can be cut close to the base, as it will not rebloom or create other plantlets.


The pseudobulbs, also known as canes, are thin and short, measuring 3-4 cm in length. The leaves form on top of each pseudobulb and appear narrow and fleshy, measuring about 20-25 cm in length and around 1-2 cm in width. The normal color for this orchid is medium green, but when exposed to bright light, the leaves will obtain a reddish pigmentation.

Brassavola Little Stars 3 Orchid Nature

The roots are thin and healthy roots are white, but as they age they can turn green when wet. When in active growth they have bright green or reddish tips. New growths usually appear at the base of the cane that just finished flowering and take about 4-5 months to mature. This orchid usually produces a small sheath from which the spike emerges. It can also bloom from dried sheaths on older pseudobulbs that didn’t bloom yet. Each pseudobulb will only bloom once though.

Propagation of this orchid can be done through division, each division should have at least 3 fully grown pseudobulbs for a fast growth further on.

Soft spots: rotting of the new growth if water gets trapped within the sheaths. Root rot if the media is not adequate

Brassavola Little Stars 5 Orchid Nature

Overall the Brassavola Little Stars is an easy orchid to grow, as long as its requirements are met as much as possible.

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