• Hi Mari, sorry I couldn’t see any of your pictures.
    I don’t have any experience with Nelly Isler – so I can’t really help you with your 1st question. I do have a lot of Phals in my collection so I hope I can help you with that.
    About the flowerspikes – Most orchids doesn’t rebloom on the same spike so after the bloom you can cut it – this is…[Read more]

  • Hi Adi – how did your orchid do – could you save it? – if so (what I hope) tell us how you did it – we can all learn from it
    I had a Phal with the same problem – I placed it in a little container with some damp microfiberstrips around it – kept it damp – but it died – hope you have more luck – let us know.

  • HildeWilkens replied to the topic hydrogen peroxide in the forum General 3 days, 3 hours ago

    Hi David – always use Hydrogen Peroxide 3% – you can find it in your pharmacy or grocery store

  • Hi Pauline,
    Im in the USA and we don’t have the Lecca pebbels available here either – I opted for ”Hydroton clay pebbles” (brand Mother Earth – available on Amazon) – I repotted all my 22 orchids in this medium in spring and everything looks fine – my Phals grew good and most are in spike now – Dendr. and onc. and Catl. grew new pseudobulbs – so…[Read more]

  • Great Phal Troy – leaves look nice and a new root coming……patience and the proper care paid off – congrates. Hope once its totally recovered and strong it will bloom for you – I didn’t know this Phal but I googled it and its such a nice flower!! It’s on my “want-list” now lol – keep us posted how it goes and I hope one day you send us a…[Read more]

  • Hi Kaye,
    Great – you saved your orchid!!! Since you could stop the rootrot and you still have one good root left it has a chance. I would water as needed and fertilise it with higher nitrogen fertilizer ( stimulates growth of roots and foliage) – be carefull to use a low dosage to not burn the only good root.
    And most of…[Read more]

  • Hi Jenn,
    I’m not real sure what you are talking about – maybe post a link of a video where you have seen it.
    I do know that Danni sometimes uses wire to keep ”unruly” orchids in place. – she makes that herself – just wire that she attaches to the upper airholes of her pot and around the pseudobulbs of the orchids – but that doesn’t really looks…[Read more]

  • Hi Liz,
    sorry for my late answer, I can not follow up this board every day.
    I post a link to a video of Danni about how to post pictures on this board.
    About the scale – I don’t remember a video of Danni about this pest – but The American Orchid Society (AOS) has an article with pictures about this – link below to.
    I really hope you can save your…[Read more]

  • Hi Matt,
    I hope my answer doesn’t come to late – I can not follow up on this board on a daily base.
    Your Phal probably is affected with black rot – this is a fungus and needs to be treated as fast as possible. Danni has a good video on this and how to treat it – I post the link below.
    Hope this is of any help and it’s not to late to save your…[Read more]

  • Hi Simon,
    This looks indeed an older plant but after reading your story….it is a surviver!
    I am fairly new in growing orchids and I don’t know if I really can advice you.
    The aerial roots look healthy to me and from what I remember from Danni’s video’s they are important for the plant to. They have their own function and once they are adapted to…[Read more]

  • Hi llilekai,
    I am only a beginner here and only have limited knowledge – I do know that oncidium roots are supposed to be white with greenish tips to be healthy – I don’t know about the yellow color. Danni has a video about ”healthy vs dead roots” and she talks about oncidiumroots at about minute 3 of the video – I post the link below.
    Me myself…[Read more]

  • HildeWilkens replied to the topic Anyone here? in the forum General 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hi Lhyne,
    Maybe it was not ”according to the booklet” as we say, but when it worked it worked and that is the most important – hope those ants are all gone now and your orchids will grow and florish

  • Hi Tina,
    You posted this question a long time ago and I guess you have been waiting on an answer – I am a member here for about a month and it disappoint me a bit that there is so little activity so I try to come here as often as I can and hope to wake up the members so we can learn from each other.
    Danni has a few good video’s about roots – just…[Read more]

  • HildeWilkens replied to the topic Danni?? in the forum General 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    Danni had a video on you tube today about the white peddles on top off her medium – very interesting – she didn’t reply on my answer if she is still going to upload her video’s here.

  • Hi Emialoha
    I found the video from Danni about what factores stresses orchids – very informative

    What stresses Orchids – common factors that influence health and growth


  • Hi Caroline,
    Welcome here and I hope you will enjoy it.
    I am fairly new to orchids to, but here is what I thought :
    Your orchid looks indeed healthy to me so I’m sure it will grow leaves at its own pace. One thing I already learned about this hobby …..patience. But maybe you can boost it a bit with a fertilizer with a higher nitrogen level. From…[Read more]

  • Hi Emialoha,
    I had the same thought as Lhyne – when we bye a flowering orchid we don’t know how long it is already flowering – but also this…..
    I don’t think the question is so much ”what do I wrong” but more ”what went wrong before they came in your care” especially when you bought them in a grocerystore……did they got the proper care?…[Read more]

  • HildeWilkens started the topic Anyone here? in the forum General 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hi to all our members here!
    I joined orchidnature about a month ago – I learned so much from Danni’s videos and appreciate all her efforts and knowledge she shares here. I also looked forward to a lot off questions and replies, pictures, sharing off experiences……. I must admit I am a bit disappointed in that – we are so many members here…[Read more]

  • HildeWilkens posted a new activity comment 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hi Lhyne,
    You are welcome – we are all here to learn and help each other – I am fairly new here but learned so much already. Hope you can get the goodies you want and keep us posted how it goes with your Phals…could you get them clear off the ants?
    success – Hilde

  • HildeWilkens replied to the topic Danni?? in the forum General 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hi AZ
    I went to Youtube and Danni posted a video every day there – so I commented on her video from today and asked her if she is still gonna upload her videos here or only on Youtube – She didn’t reply yet – guess her timezone is way different then mine and it must be in the middle of the night over there – but I will cheque tomorrow – so a big…[Read more]

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