Today we continue yesterday’s discussion with one of the most common occurrence in the orchid hobby, root rot.
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Root rot is the result of roots not being alive anymore, thus going through the natural decomposition processes. Although there are some ailments which can cause it, most of the times it’s a result of a mechanical damage.

Roots often times suffocate, but the reasons behind it can be quite diverse and rarely have to do with too frequent watering. The reaction change is more complex, it might have to do with medium degradation due to water, its airiness and even root burn due to fertilizers.

First we need to understand what root rot is and afterwards we will be able to avoid it without much hassle.
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  • Katarina 7 months ago

    Hi Danny,
    I need help and fast!!!I’m afraid for my orchids.I heve 12 phals and all of them have brown roots,not roten, but brown to black, firm to the touch and green on the inside. They are exposed to the air and water when waterig.The same roots inside the pot are green.
    What’s happenig to my orchids?!!!

  • Annavoeg 6 months ago

    Hi, I have a bit of a problem. A week ago I purchased an Oncidium Wildcat. It was potted in compacted shagnum moss. I waited about 3 days to repot it. The orchid had some root rot and at the base of the biggest pseudobulb the leaves were mushy and rotting off. I sprayed it with H2O2 and added cinnamon. It doesn’t seem to be spreading. My biggest concern is the flower spike. It has a lot of buds and on one particular branch the buds get moist and mushy and fall off. The spike branch itself is sort of moist and peeling. I’ve cut it and added cinnamon but it still seems to be spreading to other buds, making them moist and they fall off. What is the cause of this?