Today we tackle the subject of fertilizing orchids potted in the semi hydroponic setup and more!
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Fertilizing the orchids doesn’t take special requirements, all you need to do is water the orchid as it should be in this setup, but use fertilized water

I prefer to water on the shelf but this implies regular flushing, meaning using abundant water and run it through the pot, without fertilizer.

The type of fertilizer you should use is up to you, but I would suggest you use a fully processed ones, since this system cannot support beneficial soil bacteria and microbes to process an organic fertilizer.

More on humic acids

The quantity of fertilizer should be very small, I prefer to use a quarter of the recommended dosage. I use a TDS meter and never go above 80 ppm.

An unavoidable phenomenon with this setup is efflorescence and while this looks scary on top of the medium, I believe it is a beneficial thing. It means it isn’t trapped inside the pot and in the medium, such as in bark or moss. here is what Brad discovered when he flushed as you can see, pretty dramatic!

With this setup things don’t ever get to this level. The salts on top can damage roots if you let them build forever, so flushing is beneficial. Efflorescence is more common with new orchids that are not established, or when temperatures are lower

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