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    I recently acquired two brand new, GORGEOUS Phal orchids. They look perfectly healthy on top, their crowns are nice and green, lots of strong, healthy leaves… They are both currently lin bloom, with many flowers, and the flowers are beautiful. Of course, because I only just got them, I figured I should check the root system (Thanks, Dani for the advice! 😉 ) and I noticed that one of my new Phalaenopsis has WAY outgrown it’s tiny little pot. It needs to be reported. I will wait for the blooms to fall and do so. The other one is in a much more precarious position.

    I found mould growing on some of the roots. The roots on this plant also have some brown spots on it. And the colouring on the root system seems a bit silvery…

    Okay, so, reiterating here. This orchid looks perfectly healthy up top. As a matter of fact, it just opened a new bloom today! :) but the root system looks dehydrated and sickly. I know that it needs water, and needs to be repotted, but I also know it can’t be repotted until it drops it’s blooms, yes?

    Do I water this poor plant and risk spreading the infection in the roots? Or do I starve it? Or do I just cut off her beautiful blooms, which she isn’t done with? I’m new to plants, and I’m really lost as to how to save this one. :(

    Anyone who could help would be much appreciated. Thank you. :)

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    Jonathan Warburton

    Hi Missy if I was you I would just carry on watering as normal when the media is almost dry and fertilize once a month. There are many videos on here to help.

    I personally reported a new phalaphalaenopsis recently as I could barely see any media left in the pot and just a massive root system.

    If curiosity is getting the better of you then I’d say go ahead and report your orchid.

    Hope this helps Missy and please be sure to let us know how you get on x

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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