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    Ok, here are my orchids,

    For now they’re five, newly arrived, so I hope there will be positive update about each of them.

    Though I love different orchid types and species, I start on the ‘safer’ side with Phalaenopsis and hope to get species Phal when I gain more experience and may be a couple other species.

    Two weeks ago:

    Mini Phalaenopsis Little Lady
    close up Mini Phal Little Lady
    Mini Phal Little Lady

    Two flowering-bud spikes, decent roots, quite a few leaves, no sign of any issue. Repotted shortly after purchase to a mixture of mainly bark and a bit of coconut husk, I added pieces of sphagnum moss this weekend, as it dries really fast. Better that than staying too moist.

    Rescue 1 Mini Phal. ?white?
    Rescue 1

    One spike, flowers dropped to the soil presumably plain white, quite a few leaves, one damaged (heat/fertilizer/cold/other??) cut back and cinammoned, worrying root system as seems to be green downwards but sick at the base, possible stem rot L, cinnamoned too. I cut the spike back to above the last unused nod, either the plant will feed on it or throw a keiki. Repotted same as the first mini phal.

    Last weekend:

    Rescue 2 Mini Phal. Unknown colour
    Rescue 2
    Only three but very fresh green leaves, ok roots, repotted same set up.

    Rescue 3 Phal. Unknown colour , sold as ‘Tornado’ which basically means they trained the flower spikes to turn around in tornado shape (aka. how to inflate original price by two :o)
    Rescue 3 unpotted
    Rescue 3

    Ok root system, shows sign of one or two freshly green somethingies at the base (roots? too early to say but most likely), a new leaf started to show at the crown

    I repotted in a narrow but deep plastic pot which I made holes into bottom and sides, same mix, and it will go in a bark trunk as pot holder. I hope it will grow long roots inside the pot but also continue aerial root production ‘around’ the trunk . I tipped the plant to the side to allow water drainage from leaves and base (natural orchid hold), to fit most roots in the pot, and for a more natural display without the hassle of mounting/watering. I will keep moisting the surface ones which are not necessarily all used to be out (though quite a few were at purchase above media) and reduce it over time.

    Phalaenopsis Sweet Memory Liodoro (pictures to come)

    First orchids i saw when entering the shop. I was so thrilled as it was in Leroy Merlin and didn’t expect at all to see a simple secondary species hybrid in such a shop. It’s the single location I found other Orchids than standard multi hybrid Phals, there were also Oncidium, Cattleyas, etc (which for now I’m not sure to be able to properly care for, still some video watching to do first).

    I really wanted a Bellina, Violacea or any hybrid from these. Slightly cheaper than online and no shipping costs, chance to see first hand and attempting to pick up the best of the four standing there. Hope I was successful at it.

    Two spikes at flowering start. It had only one flower open, opened one yesterday and is opening the third out of five flower buds today. I don’t like those stakes but I guess it’s too late for those two to be removed. I will let any new one grow to its liking.

    I’m delaying the repotting for now but took a bit of media out around the base to prevent any water retention.

    Plan is for the same repotting as the other standard Phal. But with the current flowering and as medium is bark (like the other Phal. which had no hidden Sphagnum moss), there is no rush. One underleaf is yellow on inside and it spreads outwards (nitrogen deficiency?), I’m only concerned about that one. But otherwise it seems a healthy plant with loads of new root tips.

    Now I hope I keep them all alive, though rescue nr 1 worries me quite a bit to be honest. I hope, that -if it’s as bad as I unfortunately suspect- it still has energy to throw a keiki. For now it doesn’t look dehydrated, I let dry thoroughly and don’t water at the base to prevent further rot.

    All of them get an eastern, slight south exposure, from sunrise to 2pm. I seem to have to water every 3 days for the minis, as it dries very fast.

    I’m not sure about the fertilizing: (diluted?) water from my aquarium (tapwater PH 7,5-7,8, plenty of platy and killi fish, numerous floating plants) or standard balanced fertilizer? Or once the one, once the other, and inbetween low mineral/demineralized waterings?

    Happy growing!

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    And my Phal. Sweet Memory Liodoro

    Wondering when i will really feel the scent, it’s most of the time absent and sometimes very faint, we’re three to be almost unable to detect it, regardless which time of the day. Does it take a few days to appear because the orchid is freshly arrived?

    Additional question:
    One of the older leaves was pale green, yellowish in the center, and this spreaded further from the inside to edges.
    Nitrogen deficiency?

    close up
    One flower became three

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