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    I thought I’d share a few photo’s off my orchids with you. I apologize for the poor photo’s. Also if I got any of the names wrong, please do correct me. I’m identifying them from google, so errors will be made.

    First off my most lushly blooming orchid at the moment: Miltoniopsis Jean Carlson “Desire”

    My Dendrobium Nobilé is even fuller with flowers right now then when this photo was taken.

    My Nelly Isler just lost it’s last flower two day ago, but in this photo still looks so pretty!

    These are the 3 rescues from the supermarket a few weeks ago. The flowers on the Brassia en Odontoglossum were gone right after I treated them, but the Vanda bloomed for quite a few weeks.

    These are some of my phals:

    Very terrible photo, I know, but this is my very favorite! It’s growing a new flower spike now, so hopefully I’ll be able to share a good photo with you guys soon.

    This is a miniature phal. I got two off these same ones as a “get well soon” gift, after I burned my leg at work. 😀

    This one just will not stop blooming! It’s growing a third flower spike right now.

    I also have a dark pink phal which is growing a new flower spike at the moment and a yellow one with a pink heart, I think. It hasn’t bloomed in over a year, but is very slowly growing a new flower spike right now.

    And then here’s my oldest none-phal orchid, an odontoglossum, which lost its flowers months ago but is growing a new bulb.

    And my paphiopedilum, which has such very beautiful foliage. I will have to make a photo of the foliage, because here all you see is the flower(s). Which are very pretty too. I actually nicknamed the paph “Damon” :-D.

    And my Dendrobium Bigibbum

    So there you have it. Missing here is my cymbidium. Which is huge!! I will make a photo of that one soon.

    Profile photo of Silke

    Hi, all very beautiful! your paphiopedilum, does it have modeled leaves and is a sequential bloomer? First i thought it is Maudiae vinicolor, but then i saw the second flower. Love the color!
    Miltoniopsis is very especially beatitiful as well, but i wont touch these again. I have killed mine :-(, was a beautiful Newton Falls. Yours is looking very healthy.

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    You made my morning :) Yours orchids look great! Did you rebloom them, or you just purchased them? Miltoniopsis are my favorite orchids…love their fragrance :)

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    AnaMaria, only the phal’s I rebloomed. The Mil. and Den. Nobilé came from the store with buds, but no flowers yet. So I got the joy of watching the flowers open :D.

    Silke, I’m pretty sure it’s the Maudiae Vinicolor. The two flowers was just a bit of luck, all the other ones at the garden centre had only one. This is the foliage:

    Profile photo of Ulrike

    I’ve had a very rough week. This morning I had to buy a gift at the garden centre, and as usual just made a little detour past the orchid section. Suddenly this wonderful soft, sweet, honeylike fragrance enters my nose, instantly making me feel like springtime and sunshine. And yes right there were these gorgeous Dendrobium Berry Oda’s. Only just starting to bloom and full of buds and new flowerspikes. I had promised myself I wouldn’t buy new orchids until I move to my new house. But I just could not leave this beauty there. I felt like Winnie the Pooh when he finds honey, haha!

    Also, my phal’s are starting to bloom. So here’s a few photos:

    I do love phal’s. They’re so wonderfully hassle-free. And even when I’ve a tough day at work: I come home and go straight to check on my phal’s and get so happy when a new bud has opened. :)

    Profile photo of Ulrike

    Another one is finally opening up! 😀
    It’s not looking as spectacular as last time, but it has had a lot of rootproblems.

    Profile photo of Ulrike

    Hmm weird, I could have sworn I posted the picture.
    O well, second try:

    Profile photo of Dede

    Beautiful, keep up the good work

    Profile photo of Ulrike

    Thank you!

    Profile photo of Silvia

    You have an amazing orchid power!
    Gorgeous flowers! :)

    Profile photo of Priscy

    Wow… making me jealous… keep it up… I’m just a beginner in orchids… but love to know more…

    Profile photo of Michaela

    Oh my goodness, what wonderful orchids you all post here! I wish I had those beauties as well. Wonderful, really! :)

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    Your plants are all so lovely! I’ve yet to get one of my orchids to bloom but I’ve only had orchids for a little over a month now and patience is the name of the game. My first acquisition seems to be doing really well and has matured one leaf and is working on a second as well as some new roots and a keiki. The most recent ones I’ve had less than a week so it’s far to early to tell with those. Fingers crossed!

    Profile photo of HildeWilkens

    Im very new in growing orchids and also very new on this site – I so enjoyed seeing the pictures from all your beautiful treasures – I’m learning so much here – and hope one day I will have a wonderfull collection as well – thank you all for sharing!!

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