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    Hi Dani, have been watching your videos about this variety, which is very close to the one I have… the petals on mine end in points, however, rather than the rounded ends on the plant in your video. I’ve seen the comments & dialogue, and it seems they are all closely related?
    Photo of mine is on my flickr page:

    My question now is really about care. I do have some black spots on the leaves of the largest psbs in the pot (size 5″). It’s due for repotting but I’m wondering if I should first try your hydrogen peroxide treatment… then repot?

    It’s the only Oncidium type I have, my others are Phals…

    Thank you!


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    Wow, what a beautiful flower! The black spots could be from a number of things but i don’t think that its a sign that the orchid needs a repotting. You can definatly repot if you want to, but if the media seems ok then i would wait. Somtimes black spots just appear for no reason. Its pretty normal with orchids. If the spots are spreading or getting bigger then thats a problem.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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