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    Hi everyone,

    This is my first time looking after an orchid so I’m not sure whether to be worried or not. I noticed that recently my orchid has grown some white furry patches on the roots. Most of the roots have grown this white fur and I can’t tell if it’s a fungus or dense patches of root hairs.

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    If tbat was me, and I’m new to this too, I would be thinking ‘mealy bugs’ time to disinfect and repot in new media. Appatently Orchids ate very prone to Mealy bug infestations. So you’ll need to sterilise everything and spray the Orchid with a mineral oil I think it was. Check back through Danni’s videos there is one on Mealy bug infestations. Isolate it from your other plants though, as mealy bugs are insects and can crawl HTH Kaye xx

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    Looks like a fungus to me. I’ve had mealybugs and although they are the same colour they are distinctive little bugs. What media is it in? Is it getting too wet? Although the roots look silvery which would mean they need watering.

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    I know it has been several months but i think this is a fungus because you said “recently my orchid has grown some white furry patches” and when they were not on any root before, it has to be an infection in my opinion. Moreover you can see that the brown roots in the background don’t have this “fur” so i think it has to be infested with something.
    Try spraying it with hydrogen peroxide and repotting it 😉

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