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    1. I’m quite new to growing orchids and received 2 Nelly Islers a month or two ago. Now one of them seems to be doing great, she is now blooming her second flowerspike but the other one doesn’t really seem to like me. She has a brown spot one one of the leaf tips. I’m not experienced enough to tell if this is a bacteria or nothing to worry about so I hope you can help me.

    A couple of weeks ago I sprayed it with hydrogen peroxide 3% and the yellow line then disappeared, it reappeared a couple of weeks later and I repeated the process. It seems to stop expanding when the yellow line is gone.

    Could this be a bacterial infection and should I cut this part of the leaf off?

    She also seems to have some sort of fungus on some of the roots I see at the top. I plan to repot her as soon as possible.
    (Beside those problems, she does seem to be producing some new growth)

    Should I repot both of them or wait with the blooming one until she is finished blooming?

    2. Now a super newbie question, when do I cut the flowerspikes?
    Simply when all the flowers fell of or should I wait until the entire spike turns brown and ‘falls’ off by itself?

    3. And then last but not least, last Friday I fished a phalaenopsis from the trash bin in my neighborhood. Still in the plastic from the store so whoever threw hew away probably received her as a gift and didn’t want to keep her.
    (It came with an information card from the store and the only cascaded phal they have for sale is one called: Sogo Yukidian. so I believe that is the species.)

    From my observations I’d say she was severely dehydrated. She lost most of her flowers, the leafs were yellow or really wrinkly and most of the roots I could see were brownish.

    I watered her as soon as a brought her home, but since I had to leave for the weekend I couldn’t do much more.

    By now (Monday) I let her soak for about half an hour and I can see some green roots so at least not all of the roots are dead. But except for her two biggest leafs on the top (which feel quite firm and are green) the rest of the leafs appear yellow and weak. Is this normal from the dehydration and will those most likely be lost or could something else be the problem?

    I hope you guys can help my with my orchids, despite having them for only a short while I do really like them a lot. The Nelly Islers smell so lovely when I get home!

    I will post pictures later today.

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    And here are some pictures…
    (I hope this works, I have never uploaded pictures before)

    1. Nelly Isler:
    Leaf a couple of weeks ago
    The leaf now

    2. Nelly Isler flowerspike:
    Browning/yellowing flowerspike

    Bonus Nelly Isler photo because she is pretty.
    Bonus photo of my flowering Nelly Isler

    3. Phalaenopsis:
    Brown spot around the flowerspike
    Side view of the brown spot
    She already lost a leaf here
    Overal view
    2 of the 3 flowers she still has

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    Somehow the commentary didn’t work…

    Photo 1: The leaf a couple of weeks ago, before using hydrogen peroxide.
    Photo 2: The leaf now, after using hydrogen peroxide (a week or 2 ago).

    Photo 3: A yellowing/browning flowerspike after blooming.

    Photo 4: Brown spot around the flowerspike.
    Photo 5: Brown spot, side view.
    Photo 6: Other side, lost a leaf here.
    Photo 7: Overview of the plant.
    Photo 8: 2 of the 3 flowers she still has.

    And the flower photo that didn’t upload:
    Nelly Isler

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