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    Rakesh Sewnundun

    Hello everybody!

    My name is Rakesh Sewnundun and I live in Holland.

    For years and years I am a proud orchid lover! Started like everyone else I guess with a nice phalaenopsis. But in the beginning i couldn’t get them to rebloom again. So every time the plant stopped I trew it away….what a pitty i thought.

    So the next one i left in the barn after it bloomed. And guess what, it rebloomed again!!!!!

    And my passion got the last boost it needed.

    So terribly in love i removed the whole barn and built a new one with more windows to make myself a little orchid house.

    Almost done and the first orchids are already shining in my orchids house! Phalaenopsis, Miltoniopsis,
    Cambria’s, Brassia’s, Cymbidium, Dendrobium nobile and my pride, my first white and first ever Vanda.

    But I want to learn more and absorb as many info as I could get. And Maybe I could share some info to a new orchid lover one day…

    So surfing the net I saw Danny her posts on youtube and from that moment she became my orchid guru! Such a huge fan! The way you explain things really is effective for me! I wish you were my neighbour so I could talk and learn from you, every day! Hahha

    But having the internet now, lucky me, I can still not only learn from you but from other experts as well!!! Wow! Lovin’ it!

    Wish you all a wonderfull day!
    Kind regarts Rakesh

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