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Kiwi bark for Orchids – product review

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A few months have past since I repotted a few orchids in the Kiwi bark received from Orchitop. I have to say that so far so good, orchids seem to love it and roots develop nicely. The best thing is that this bark i...

Mounting Masdevallia orchid on ceramic cylinder

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So here is my attempt on mounting the Masdevallia orchid on the infamous water ceramic cylinder. Theoretically this should keep it cooler and moist. And this cylinder really stays cool! Masdevallias are not the typ...

Repotting Bulbophyllum medusae orchid in a basket

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This is the Bulbophyllum medusae orchid I recently purchased from Schwerter orchideenzucht. I decided to go for a basket culture this time, since I have one mounted on cork, and another one in a hanging pot like conta...

Mounting Leptotes bicolor orchid on ceramic slab

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This is the Leptotes bicolor orchid, a miniature orchid that is used pretty much like the Vanilla orchid. Its seed pods are flavored and used for ice creams and cakes in some regions. All this without the hassle of gr...

Repotting Renanthera orchid in Orchidtop pot

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This is the Renanthera philippinensis that I recently purchased from Schwerter Orchideenzucht. It came in a basket with no media, as these orchids have a very similar care requirements as Vanda orchids. I decided t...

Mounting Bulbophyllum barbigerum orchid on cork

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Bulbophyllum orchids have a tendency to grow pretty chaotic, making them hard to control in a normal pot. They also don't produce extensive root systems, thus baskets or mounts are a much better option. For this re...

Repotting Neofinetia falcata orchid – Japanese Kokedama

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Here is my first attempt at repotting a Neofinetia falcata orchid in the famous Japanese style, also known as Kokedama. This is a traditional design, since neofinetia orchids are very popular in Japan for their wonder...

Trying out Orchitop pots for orchids + Kiwi bark and clay media

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Today we are taking a look at the Orchitop pots for orchids and the media they also provide, consisting of Kiwi bark and clay pebbles. The Orchitop pots are quite famous for their unique design that provides tremendou...

Repotting Stanhopea orchid in a basket + removing rotting pseudobulb

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Here is the repotting of my Stanhopea marizana. It is a recent purchase and I wanted to switch its pot since it is a new orchid and the media might have not been good and also Stanhopeas bloom from the bottom of the p...

Repotting and dividing Promenaea xanthina orchid

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Here is my Promenaea xanthina orchid, doing well after purchase but it is now time to repot it. I also decided to divide it since I want to share this one with a friend. This orchid really is tiny so it was a bit hass...

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