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Watering Phalaenopsis orchids with ice cubes – Settling the matter Part 2

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Missed Part 1? watch it here 2. Just Add Ice shows me a tutorial on watering and we understand from this that we need to place ice on the crowns of Phalaenopsis orchids, see here https:...

Watering Phalaenopsis orchids with ice cubes – Settling the matter Part 1

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So let's debate the whole watering with ice cubes technique shall we? Our main actors: The American Orchid society, long time established organisation with world wide recognition on the scientific study of orchids. F...

Q&A – Do mini orchids exist? Will mini Phalaenopsis grow large?

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Today we will discuss about mini orchids and mini Phalaenopsis orchids in particular. I have been asked many times if mini orchids will grow large, so today we will debate a bit on this subject. In general, mini Ph...

Phalaenopsis violacea – a must have orchid species!

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Phalaenopsis violacea is a monopodial epyphite orchid species, endemic to the Andaman Islands, the Nicobar Islands and northwestern Sumatra. The violacea, along with the bellina, are the most iconic Phalaenopsis speci...

Phalaenopsis Tzu Chiang Balm – The small fragrant orchid

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The Phalaenopsis Tzu Chiang Balm is a renowned hybrid, not necessarily for its appearance, but for its fragrance. It produces tiny flowers on a pretty long, branching flower spike, that have a citrusy, slightly fruity...

Phalaenopsis bellina, or violacea? that is the question!

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Here is my Phalaenopsis seedling that I purchased from Malaysia 2 years ago, finally in bloom! now I have a dilemma, is this a violacea or a bellina? It came labeled as violacea, the problem is I received a bonus v...

New fragrant mini Phalaenopsis orchid!

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Yes, the title is correct, I bought a Phalaenopsis orchid. But there is a catch with this one, it doesn't mean I am returning to a massive collection of generic Phalaenopsis orchids. First of all, it is a mini, whi...

Orchid care – How to care for Phalaenopsis summer blooming species

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Phalaenopsis species orchids are quite different from the usual hybrids that we always see in stores. To start with, they are not complex hybrids, crossed for generations and generation over the years. Sometimes they ...

How to water Phalaenopsis orchids – tips for a healthy orchid

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Phalaenopsis orchids are the most popular orchids we can find. This is mainly because, apart from their beautiful long lasting flowers, they are quite easy to keep in a normal home. The trickiest part is watering. The...

Phalaenopsis bellina – Exquisite orchid from bloom to fragrance

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Phalaenopsis bellina is an orchid species that is well known for the wonderful colored blooms and delicious fragrance. But no matter how many pictures you see of it, it still impresses you in real life when you first ...

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