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My carnivorous plants collection

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Due to popular demand, here is a video on my carnivorous plants. This is not something to write home about but here it goes :) I have one Nepenthes Alata which I feed flies to from time to time directly in the pitc...

Testing vegetable garden for plant virus with Agdia ImmunoStrip

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Today I am visiting my brother and since I am here I decided to test a few of his crops

Strange plant growing on my mounted Orchid

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So I recently noticed this funny looking thing growing from the moss on my mounted orchid. What do you think

Brassidium Shooting Star – Spider Orchid in bloom

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Brassidium Shooting Staris a cross between Brassidium Gilded Urchin and Brassia Edvah Loo. It has a nice sweetish smell and

Updates on some of my Orchids and Carnivorous Plants

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Per your request, here is an update on some of my orchids and carnivorous plants :) Enjoy! Join our

How to care for African Violets and more

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Want some Orchid tips? demand, here is how we care for our African Violets and some

My African Violet Collection

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Want some Orchid tips? here is my small collection of African Violets. It's nowhere near

Lithops plant in bloom

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Want some Orchid tips? little Lithops plant has produced a flower! I am still new

How to care for Azaleas

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Want some Orchid tips? are very beautiful flowering plants that are easy to care for,

Mimosa Pudica plant in bloom!

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Want some Orchid tips? Mimosa seems to do well and today she made her first

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