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Promoting Orchid root growth – High vs. low moisture

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A while back I was saying that the best way to promote root growth is to provide a lot of moisture and humidity at the root area of an orchid. Well it seems that I involuntarily made an experiment on this matter, so h...

Sick Orchid becomes healthy – The journey of my sick Oncidium

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Here is an orchid that I feel very attached to, it is my Pink Oncidium. This little guy came in sick and now, after one year and a half, he is looking much better and is preparing to flower. Here is the video when ...

Soil Mites on my orchids – Worrying or not?

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I have been seeing these tiny black insects on my orchids, on the roots and even media for a while now. They come out right after I water my orchids, but they don't seem to damage anything. So I figured out what they ...

Orchid Disease – Bacterial Brown Rot, spotting, treating and preventing

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Sick orchids are not a topic we like to talk about, but it is very important to know how to spot, treat and prevent illness with orchids. Today we talk about bacterial brown rot. The cause for this is, in most case...

Orchid Maintenance – Removing sick leaves and pseudobulbs

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To day we need to do some maintenance on some of my orchids, so here are the cases we have to treat today: 1. A new growth on this particular orchid has rotted due to water being left in the crown and in between th...

My Home Made Insecticide for Spider Mites (Non Toxic)

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Here is the recipe to my home made non toxic insecticide that works great against spider mites: 2 liters of water 2 table spoons of dish detergent (a bio one is well suited) 1/4 cups of rubbing alcohol, isopropyl...

Spider mite Vs. False spider mite – How to tell the difference

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So I discovered another issue with spider mites, this time the real ones. The spider mites are usually yellow, or pale in color and they create webs. The damage they produce is pretty much similar to that created ...

Battle with spider mites continues + thoughts on Listerine with orchids

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Well just when I thought I got rid of spider mites, a damn Phalaenopsis goes and infects my Bulbophyllum. It's my fault, I should have treated all my orchids, not just the ones I thought were affected. In any case,...

How to properly use cinnamon with orchids

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Cinnamon is a household ingredient that is widely used with orchids. It has a lot of benefits in treating bacterial and fungal infections due to its dehydrating properties. So it's a really easy to find, cheap remedy ...

Slugs and snails on orchids – seeing the signs and ways to get rid of them

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Slugs and snails are one of the most vicious orchid pests, they love to munch on new growth. New roots, new emerging pseudobulbs or leaves and even flowers and spikes can get decimated in a matter of days if a serious...

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