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Top 10 DON’Ts when Growing Orchids – tips for orchid beginners

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Today we will talk about the top 10 DON'Ts when growing and caring for orchids, so here they are: 1. Don't water orchids from above! Water left standing in the crown and between leaves can cause rotting. If you ma...

How to recognize sick or healthy Cattleya orchids – Tips for buying healthy orchids

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Buying Cattleya orchids can be sometimes difficult, if you are not yet experienced in growing them and knowing their habits. Here is a quick guide on the things you need to look out for when buying new Cattleya orchid...

Where to buy orchids? Tips on buying great orchids

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So here is a video with the stores and places where you can buy orchids from. They will depend on

Orchid Tip #11 – How to clean leaves super fast

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Want some Orchid tips? I discovered that one of my make up brushes works really

Orchid Tip #10 – How to create extra ventilation holes in your Orchid pots

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Want some Orchid tips? ventilation helps an Orchid's roots more than you'd think, so providing

Orchid Tip #9 – Buying Orchids on Ebay

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Want some Orchid tips? video is made as a request from BitByTheOrchidBug and I am

Orchid Tip #8 – Why do Orchid flower spikes stop growing?

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Want some Orchid tips? flower spikes on orchids stop growing without a reason, especially with

Orchid Tip #7 – How to pollinate Orchids

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Want some Orchid tips? this video I'm showing you how to polinate orchids and my

Orchid Tip #6 – How to properly repot an Oncidium

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View another Oncidium Quick tip Knowing how to repot an Oncidium means a better chance at

Orchid Tip #5 – How to recognize the newest pseudo bulbs on Oncidiums

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Watch another tip How to tell which of the pseudo bulbs is the newest ones? Knowing

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