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Orchid Care – Miltonia Orchids Basic Culture

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Miltonia orchids are fairly easy to care for, as long as you know a thing or two about orchids. Unlike their distant relatives the Miltoniopsis, Miltonias are well suited even for home environments. Here are the basic...

Orchids and Packing Peanuts – Casual Sundays

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So here is the discussion I promised about the packing peanuts and I will try to make this short. Yep I don't like them. They are usually used to provide a more airy media at the bottom of the pot, since water does...

Orchid Care – How to care for Vanda Orchids

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Vanda orchids can come in a multitude of colors and patterns and their flowers are considerable large. They produced multiple flowers on a single flower spike, that can extend up to 30 cm in length. It's easy to see w...

Preparing Dendrobium nobile orchids for the winter rest

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In this video we will discuss Dendrobium nobile orchids, as it is their season to start going into their rest period. At this point the orchid will have already finished growing the new canes. This will be easily n...

How to care for Catasetum orchids – basic culture for catasetum type orchids

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Catasetum orchids are a very rewarding group of orchids, easy to care for and fast growing, particularly good for those of use with no patience :) here are some basic culture tips to properly grow these orchids. Th...

How to care for Bulbophyllum orchids – watering, fertilizing, reblooming

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Bulbophyllum orchids are the largest group of orchids in nature, with about 2000 known species. Many beautiful representatives are available to orchid growers too, so let's talk about some general care knowledge. L...

How to water mounted orchids

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Here is a video explaining how I water my mounted orchids, depending on the type of mount I have, my environment and the season. Since it is summer time here, my mounts receive daily soaks in water. It is not enoug...

Fragrance variation with orchids

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Fragrant orchids are everyone's favorites, well at least most of us do prefer fragrant orchids. However on occasion we might notice some variation in this fragrance. Weather it's an intensity problem, or even a differ...

Q&A – Orchid leaves not opening, what’s wrong?

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A question that one of my viewers asked is why orchid leaves don;t seem to open sometimes and remain shut, or glued. My guess is that it all has to do with the lack of hydration of the plant. In the first example w...

Orchid care – How to care for Phalaenopsis summer blooming species

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Phalaenopsis species orchids are quite different from the usual hybrids that we always see in stores. To start with, they are not complex hybrids, crossed for generations and generation over the years. Sometimes they ...

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