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3 reasons why you should repot new orchids

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Keeping a new orchid in its original media for a long time is in many cases, really a bad idea.

5 things that keep your Orchids healthier

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Here are my top 5 things that help me keep my orchids healthy, except for specific cultural requirements. Thy are:

All about Orchid fragrance

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Join our community and find tutorials, photos, care sheets and loads of goodies Orchid Nature -<br

Boiling Orchid media – side effects

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A practice that I still see being used sometimes is boiling of organic orchid media, for the purpose of further sterilization. Now my experience wasn't really bright when I did this, so today I'll tell you my 2 cents ...

Cattleya Orchid soft spot – Beware of crown rot!

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Cattleya Orchids might be very hardy and bounce back easily, but they have a major soft spot it seems. They

Common orchid misconceptions

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Finding good orchid information about orchids on the internet can sometimes be a lottery. There are a few things I

Fragrance variation with orchids

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Fragrant orchids are everyone's favorites, well at least most of us do prefer fragrant orchids. However on occasion we might notice some variation in this fragrance. Weather it's an intensity problem, or even a differ...

How I water Orchids in Orchitop pots

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Since many of my viewers requested that I make a video showing how I water orchids in the Orchitop pots, here are my methods: Method 1 is soaking the pots. I find a big enough bowl to contain the pot and then I jus...

How long do orchids live? – Understanding how orchids grow

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A question I get from time to time is about the lifespan of an orchid in a home. The easy answer is that they can live indefinitely, but how do they do that? Monopodial orchids, like Phalaenopsis, Vanda and others,...

How to care for Brassavola Orchids – watering, fertilising, reblooming

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Brassavola orchids are a wonderful species that only release fragrance during night time. The fragrance is absolutely wonderful and they

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