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Boiling Orchid media – side effects

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A practice that I still see being used sometimes is boiling of organic orchid media, for the purpose of further sterilization. Now my experience wasn't really bright when I did this, so today I'll tell you my 2 cents ...

Which Dendrobium orchids need a winter rest?

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Because this is the season in which some Dendrobium orchids need a winter rest, I get a lot of questions on Dendrobium Phalaenopsis, or orchid beginners which don;t know which Dendrobiums need a winter rest. So here i...

Promoting Orchid root growth – High vs. low moisture

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A while back I was saying that the best way to promote root growth is to provide a lot of moisture and humidity at the root area of an orchid. Well it seems that I involuntarily made an experiment on this matter, so h...

Orchids suited for low and high humidity – Casual Sundays

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We all know that orchids need humidity in order to do ok, but how much humidity do they really need? Here are my thoughts on the matter and luckily, I think the whole high humidity thing is slightly too dramatized. ...

How I water Orchids in Orchitop pots

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Since many of my viewers requested that I make a video showing how I water orchids in the Orchitop pots, here are my methods: Method 1 is soaking the pots. I find a big enough bowl to contain the pot and then I jus...

Kiwi bark for Orchids – product review

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A few months have past since I repotted a few orchids in the Kiwi bark received from Orchitop. I have to say that so far so good, orchids seem to love it and roots develop nicely. The best thing is that this bark i...

How long do orchids live? – Understanding how orchids grow

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A question I get from time to time is about the lifespan of an orchid in a home. The easy answer is that they can live indefinitely, but how do they do that? Monopodial orchids, like Phalaenopsis, Vanda and others,...

Watering Phalaenopsis orchids with ice cubes – Settling the matter Part 2

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Missed Part 1? watch it here 2. Just Add Ice shows me a tutorial on watering and we understand from this that we need to place ice on the crowns of Phalaenopsis orchids, see here https:...

Watering Phalaenopsis orchids with ice cubes – Settling the matter Part 1

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So let's debate the whole watering with ice cubes technique shall we? Our main actors: The American Orchid society, long time established organisation with world wide recognition on the scientific study of orchids. F...

Orchid Maintenance – Removing sick leaves and pseudobulbs

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To day we need to do some maintenance on some of my orchids, so here are the cases we have to treat today: 1. A new growth on this particular orchid has rotted due to water being left in the crown and in between th...

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