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Oncidesa Sweet Sugar – The dancing lady orchid

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Oncidesa Sweet Sugar is a sympodial epiphyte orchid hybrid. It was registered in 1990 by M. Sato as a cross between Oncidesa Aloha Iwanaga and Gomesa varicosa. This orchid can still be found under the name Oncidium Sw...

Oncidium Katrin Zoch – a sweet perfumed orchid

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Oncidium Katrin Zoch is a sympodial epiphyte orchid hybrid. It was registered in 2011 and created by M. Holm as a cross between Oncidium schroederianum and Oncidium sotoanum, making it a primary hybrid. This orchid ca...

How to care for orchids after blooms fall

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One very asked question is what to do with our orchids after the flowers all drop. In many cases people are told to throw the orchid away, but with some good care, the very same orchid can grow, flourish and rebloom i...

How to care for orchid seedlings

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Orchid seedlings are very young orchids that just started their life. They need a bit more attention and some special treatment, just like any other baby. Here are a few ideas about how I care for my orchid seedlings,...

How to water Oncidium orchids – tips for a healthy orchid

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Oncidium orchids are easy orchids to keep, but the main problem they can give you is looking rather sad without any particular reason. The main reason they might look sick is not enough water. Oncidiums are thirsty or...

Colmanara (Oncostele) Catatante Pacific Sun Spots – the rusty orchid

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This is Colmanara (Oncistele) Catatante Pacific Sun Spots orchid, which is a cross between Oncidium Sphacetante and Oncostele Wildcat. It

Oncostele (Odontocidium) Hansueli Isler – The sunflower orchid!

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Oncostele Hansueli Isler is a cross between Oncostele Burkhard Holm and Oncidium Tiger Hambuhren. It has a yellow flower with

How to remove a rotting pseudo bulb on an Oncidium orchid

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So I have discovered a pseudo bulb is going bad on one of my Oncidiums. Twist and pull away and

How to induce blooming on Oncidium orchids

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Oncidium orchids are, in my oppinon, the easiest orchids to grow and bloom. However there are cases in which reblooming

New Brassia and Oncidium orchids – you get to name them!

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So here are 2 new orchids that I just had to have, a Brassia and a red Oncidium hybrid! I

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