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Orchid mounted on ceramic cylinder – Mold outbreak!

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Here is an update on my orchid mounted on the ceramic cylinder. I decided to do this update since temperatures have decreased a lot and we are starting to get some issues! There seems to be a mold outbreak on the c...

Orchids in bloom! September 2015

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here are the orchids that have been in full bloom for the month of September: Cycnodes Wine Delight, a must have if you want to pick up Catasetum orchids. It now works on 2 more flower spikes! 3 spikes a year? not...

Exciting Orchid updates!

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So here are some orchid updates I am really really looking forward to developing! The Catasetum orchids are always full of surprises, the Cycnodes Wine Delight is producing another flower spike, while the Millenium...

Sick Orchid becomes healthy – The journey of my sick Oncidium

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Here is an orchid that I feel very attached to, it is my Pink Oncidium. This little guy came in sick and now, after one year and a half, he is looking much better and is preparing to flower. Here is the video when ...

Promoting new growth on orchids experiment – success!

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Here is an update on my Cattleya orchid which had its rhizome cut to stimulate new growth. If you missed that video check it out here The result is encouraging right now ...

Orchid collection and balcony tour – September 2015 Part 2

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Here is Part 2 of my balcony tour: The Dendrobium Phalaenopsis is growing a flower spike as well and I managed to identify it too! will make a video when it blooms. The Oncidium Sharry Baby yellow Flash has been...

Orchid collection and balcony tour – September 2015 Part 1

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It is time for another balcony tour and update of my orchid collection. here are some highlights: The Catasetum orchids have matured their growths and the Whine Delight is in full bloom, these guys are just so easy...

Coelogyne cristata orchid update – flower spikes already?

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Here is an update on both my Coelogyne cristata orchids. The big lady at the beginning of this video was purchased a few months back, she has grown a few new pseudobulbs which sadly are smaller than the previous ones....

Habenaria medusa orchid update – corm propagation

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This is Habenaria medusa, an orchid species that I have been growing for about one year. It should right about time to start producing a bloom spike, but I don't see that happening yet. However the orchid seems to ...

Orchids in bloom – August 2015

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So here are the orchids that were in bloom in August 2015, well at least the ones that I managed to catch while I was at home :) The Phalaenopsis violacea bloomed for the first time, she has a pretty little flower ...

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