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Q&A – How do nurseries grow Orchids in sphagnum moss?

31.60K Views4 Comments

Today's question is:how come commercial growers manage to grow orchids packed in sphagnum moss? Join our community and find

How to divide a Cattleya Orchid

20.39K Views0 Comments

Today I'm dividing my cattleya orchid to share it with my friend. I usually take my time and try to

Using hydrogen peroxide with Orchids – Non toxic fungicide

19.94K Views2 Comments

Hydrogen peroxide is used by many orchid lovers for a very long time. It is usually used as a rot

Dendrobium Stardust Firebird Orchid – Orange everywhere!

19.68K Views0 Comments

This is Dendrobium Stardust Firebird,m a cross between Den. Unicum and Den. Ukon. Has orange flowers and is not fragrant,

Psychopsis Mariposa Orchid in bloom!

19.09K Views0 Comments

Here is my little psycho orchid in bloom :D this is Mariposa GV, a cross between P. Papilio and P.

Phalaenopsis Orchid World

18.89K Views0 Comments

This is a hybrid of Phal Orchid World and many of you have asked me about it when I purchased

Q&A – How to stabilize Phalaenopsis orchids that lean over?

18.77K Views0 Comments

Today's question is: How do I stabilize orchids from leaning over? Join our community and find tutorials, photos, care

Orange Vanda orchid in full bloom and fragrant!

17.66K Views0 Comments

This is Rhynchorides Bangkok Sunset, a beautiful vandaceous orchid that smells like violets. Vandas are usually big plants, but this

Phalaenopsis Stuartiana

16.89K Views0 Comments

This is Phalaenopsis Stuartiana, it is a species and has the great feature of having mottled leaves and pretty flowers.

Q&A – Should we repot Phalaenopsis orchids in spike?

16.16K Views0 Comments

Today's question is: is it safe to repot a Phalaenopsis orchid that has a flower spike? It has a lot

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