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‘Mounting’ Vanda Orchid seedlings – Space saving idea!

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Today we work a bit with the Vanda seedlings, as they are taking up too much precious space on my shelf! ▼▼▼More info bellow!▼▼▼ Since my Vandas are potted in a tiny, light weight pot

(Long) Orchid Greenhouse Tour – May 2017

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Today we take a stroll in the greenhouse and see what's new.. It ended up being quite the long stroll :)) ▼▼▼More info bellow!▼▼▼ Since one year has passed ever since we arrived, there are more and more orchids adjus...

(Sad) Balcony tour and Orchid collection – January 2016

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So here is the balcony tour for January 2016.. things are not good. I don;t like things :P So my orchids are unpotted, prepare for the move and for the spider mite treatment and they hate to be in water. Molds everyw...

(The last) Balcony tour and Orchid collection – February 2016

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So here is my last balcony tour :) I hope you all enjoyed these tours, but I know very well that these were not the optimum conditions. You may not know what was really like to grow these orchids in this balcony that...

10 ways to (almost) destroy Orchids & how to fix them!

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Today we talk about the 10 most common ways in which Orchids die, how to prevent them and even fix them! ▼▼▼More info bellow!▼▼▼ 1. Root rot: it's the result of the death of the root system, which then starts to ...

10k Subscribers! orchid give away soon and vacation break

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Join our community and find tutorials, photos, care sheets and loads of goodies Orchid Nature -<br

2 Pink Cattleya Orchids, 2 different fragrances!

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Today we look at my almost identical looking Pink Cattleyas and talk a bit about what makes them different. ▼▼▼More info below!▼▼▼ My pink NoID Cattleya orchid, which many of you suggested looks like a trianae or a ...

3 reasons why you should repot new orchids

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Keeping a new orchid in its original media for a long time is in many cases, really a bad idea.

3 worst Orchid rots – root, stem and crown rot

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Among all the problems we might get with our orchids, 3 seem to be the most common and even the worst of them all. So here is a discussion about them, why they affect orchids and how to treat and prevent them as best ...

3 years of YouTube, 3 years of Orchids, 3 years of new friends – Thank you!

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So here we are, 3 years after I uploaded my first video :) And what do you know, I am moving out and giving my orchids a proper home! I started youtube videos due to the joy of the hobby, but also to get away from ot...

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