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How I water Orchids in Orchitop pots

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Since many of my viewers requested that I make a video showing how I water orchids in the Orchitop pots, here are my methods: Method 1 is soaking the pots. I find a big enough bowl to contain the pot and then I jus...

Orchid seeds – What you need to know – Casual Sundays

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Many new growers have the idea of growing orchids from seed. It is only logical, most if not all the plants we grow can be planted and grown from seed. The problem is more complicated with orchids. Once pollinated,...

Orchid Care – How to care for Vanda Orchids

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Vanda orchids can come in a multitude of colors and patterns and their flowers are considerable large. They produced multiple flowers on a single flower spike, that can extend up to 30 cm in length. It's easy to see w...

How to care for Catasetum orchids – basic culture for catasetum type orchids

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Catasetum orchids are a very rewarding group of orchids, easy to care for and fast growing, particularly good for those of use with no patience :) here are some basic culture tips to properly grow these orchids. Th...

How to care for Bulbophyllum orchids – watering, fertilizing, reblooming

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Bulbophyllum orchids are the largest group of orchids in nature, with about 2000 known species. Many beautiful representatives are available to orchid growers too, so let's talk about some general care knowledge. L...

Orchids suited for warm climates

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Orchids are such a diverse group of plants that it's easy to find those species suited for our environment. So today we will talk about the ones suited for warmer climates. Keep in mind, all orchids have a limit, no m...

How to promote new growth on orchids – getting multiple leads on Cattleya orchids

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I don't know about you but I would really like to have an orchid with multiple leads. This means multiple flower spikes, who doesn't want that? An orchid can naturally obtain this with age, maybe genetics plays a role...

Ideas for growing orchids in a small space

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Orchids don't necessarily need a lot of space to grow if you know what orchids to chose and how to display them. Here are some ideas that might be of some help. First, look for small orchids. Mini Phalaenopsis, Tol...

How I water Neofinetia falcata orchid in sphagnum moss

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Since I received many concerned comments on the video in which I repotted the Neofinetia orchid in the Kokedama style of potting, due to the way I used sphagnum moss, here is a video in which I explain how I water thi...

How to properly use cinnamon with orchids

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Cinnamon is a household ingredient that is widely used with orchids. It has a lot of benefits in treating bacterial and fungal infections due to its dehydrating properties. So it's a really easy to find, cheap remedy ...

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