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Yellowing leaves on Dendrobium Nobile orchid

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Being that it's October, in my part of the world the autumn is in full effect. This time of the year means resting period for my Dendrobium Nobiles, but the leaves have started to yellow and fall. Is this a reason for...

Which Dendrobium orchids need a winter rest?

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Because this is the season in which some Dendrobium orchids need a winter rest, I get a lot of questions on Dendrobium Phalaenopsis, or orchid beginners which don;t know which Dendrobiums need a winter rest. So here i...

Growth cycle of deciduous Dendrobium orchids

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Deciduous Dendrobiums are a special type of orchid species which require a distinct rest in order to rebloom, mimicking natural habitat in the wild. During spring and summer most of them will be in full vegetative ...

Preparing Dendrobium nobile orchids for the winter rest

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In this video we will discuss Dendrobium nobile orchids, as it is their season to start going into their rest period. At this point the orchid will have already finished growing the new canes. This will be easily n...

How to care for orchids after blooms fall

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One very asked question is what to do with our orchids after the flowers all drop. In many cases people are told to throw the orchid away, but with some good care, the very same orchid can grow, flourish and rebloom i...

How to care for orchid seedlings

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Orchid seedlings are very young orchids that just started their life. They need a bit more attention and some special treatment, just like any other baby. Here are a few ideas about how I care for my orchid seedlings,...

How to deal with sick Dendrobium orchids – rotting roots and pseudobulbs

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Dendrobium nobile orchids are fairly tough orchids, but they do have their soft spots. Root rot is a problem as these orchids like to have ventilated roots. Pseudobulbs rotting are another soft spot, since they have s...

How to water Dendrobium Nobile orchids – Tips for healthy orchids

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Dendrobium Nobile orchids have a very specific growth cycles. They go through a dormant period which requires very scarce watering and a growth period which requires abundant watering. Today we will focus on the growi...

Repotting and stabilizing pendant Dendrobium orchids

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Pendant Dendrobium orchids are a wonderful cascade of flowers when they bloom. However keeping them in this way might be

Dendrobium cretaceum x anosmum superbum orchid – Want some raspberries?

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So here we have a primary hybrid that has no name, but it is a cross between Dendrobium anosmum and

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