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Cutting Cattleya orchid sheath to save the flowers

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My Cattleya orchid is in need of some assistance, due to the fact that her sheath is too large for the flower spike she produced. Thus the flower display is horrible and there is a chance that they will damage each ot...

Orchids suited for warm climates

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Orchids are such a diverse group of plants that it's easy to find those species suited for our environment. So today we will talk about the ones suited for warmer climates. Keep in mind, all orchids have a limit, no m...

How to promote new growth on orchids – getting multiple leads on Cattleya orchids

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I don't know about you but I would really like to have an orchid with multiple leads. This means multiple flower spikes, who doesn't want that? An orchid can naturally obtain this with age, maybe genetics plays a role...

Cattleya Peach Sun – a rare, easy to care for orchid hybrid

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This is Cattleya Peach Sun, although you might find it under the name LECO Peach Sun. LECO actually stands for (L)imited(E)dition(C)urrlin(O)rchideen. As this name suggests, you can find this orchid at Currlin Orch...

How to care for orchids after blooms fall

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One very asked question is what to do with our orchids after the flowers all drop. In many cases people are told to throw the orchid away, but with some good care, the very same orchid can grow, flourish and rebloom i...

How to care for orchid seedlings

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Orchid seedlings are very young orchids that just started their life. They need a bit more attention and some special treatment, just like any other baby. Here are a few ideas about how I care for my orchid seedlings,...

How to recognize sick or healthy Cattleya orchids – Tips for buying healthy orchids

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Buying Cattleya orchids can be sometimes difficult, if you are not yet experienced in growing them and knowing their habits. Here is a quick guide on the things you need to look out for when buying new Cattleya orchid...

Dividing and repotting large Cattleya orchid

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This is Cattleya Tropical Pointer galaxy that I just ordered. The flowers dropped so it is time to repot it. Since it is a pretty big plant I also divided it and will share this division with my friend. Enjoy! Join...

Growth stages of Cattleya orchids

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Cattleyas can be quite confusing for someone who never had a Cattleya orchid before. When will it bloom, how does

How to water Cattleya orchids – tips for a healthy orchid

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Cattleya orchids are making a come back through the sea of Phalaenopsis. However, they are totally different, care wise and

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